Why I Enjoy My WMF Pressure Cooker

My WMF stress cooker has created my cooking so considerably a lot easier, not only do I preserve time, I also prepare dinner my meals more energy efficient and I can preserve all the balanced nutrients IN the food rather of them escaping the pot whilst I prepare dinner.

But back to the beginnings: WMF is a German kitchen offer company whose historical past goes back in the mid 19th century.

They have normally been identified as top quality provider (Created in Germany) for kitchen components and that is why I resolved to buy my initially stress cooker from WMF.

But what is a stress cooker and why would you want to have a single in your kitchen?

Here’s a brief summary of what differentiates it from a typical cooker:

– you preserve A Ton of time (up to 70%) when you prepare your food in a top quality stress cooker

– a single of the, in my impression, most critical troubles: you preserve the vitamins and minerals IN the foods considerably improved than you would with typical cooking techniques, the explanation for that getting the stress lid that retains the steam inside and so the nutrients of your foods

– you preserve energy considering that the cooking process is shortened

– you can prepare an complete food in just a single pot this means significantly less cleaning effort

– you can even use a stress cooker to unfreeze or maintain foods

WMF gives its stress cookers in a few distinct strains. They are termed Excellent, Excellent Furthermore and Excellent Extremely.

The change between the strains lies in the cope with of the lid, the increased we get in the line, the more highly developed the cope with and hence the ease of use.

The cookers can be procured as single parts or as complete sets of distinct measurements. Of course, the more measurements you have, the broader the selection of the matters you can prepare dinner.

The measurements begin at two.5 litres, upcoming will come three litres, then four.5 litres, 6.5 litres and the greatest a single is eight.5 litres.

The servicing efforts are so minimal, it can be practically preposterous, it can be in essence carried out in a single minute considering that most of the time I only have a single pot to thoroughly clean.

I can take away all elements of the cooker and toss it in the dish washer (of course) and swiftly thoroughly clean the cope with less than functioning h2o.

Three a long time guarantee by WMF closes the offer for me…

Fantastic solution, quick to use, balanced, time and energy preserving way to prepare my foods…

That is why I like my WMF stress cooker.