Unexpected Unnatural Deaths in Astrology

All of us want to die peacefully with all our expensive and near types by our dying bed. But that sort of dying is brought about by previous age or ailment. Unnatural deaths are those people which come about thanks to external influences and may well be unexpected, untimely and surprising as in the case of accidents murders suicides or assassinations.

In most situations the unnatural deaths are invariably violent. Modes of unnatural deaths can be predicted by proper assessment of horoscope.

Components Responsible For Unexpected Unnatural Deaths

·       Ascendant and its power/ 3rd dwelling and its power/6th dwelling and its power/eighth dwelling and its power are weaken by
1.    Position/ lordship of practical malefic earth
2.    Combustion
three.    Debilitation

four.    By malefic conjunction
five.    By malefic factor
·       Malefic Saturn—denotes dying by suicide, assassination, hanging, serious illness.
·       Malefic Mars—inducted dying by fevers and inflammatory actions like haemorrhage, accident, weapons.
·       Malefic moon—denotes dying by drowning in drinking water, loss of blood, serious bronchial issues, and psychological worries.
·       Malefic Sunshine—unexpected dying by myocardial infarction, hearth etcetera.
·       Rahu/Ketu— nodes are dependable for unnatural dying.
Different Mixture for Unexpected Unnatural Deaths

·       Loss of life by suicide:

1.    If the ascendant/eighth dwelling, their lords and Sunshine are troubled by Mars/Saturn/Ketu.
2.    If the Sunshine, Moon, Mercury [soul, intellect and pondering] are troubled by Rahu and Ketu or nodes.
three.    Affiliation of Mars and Saturn.

·      Death by weapon:

1.    If Moon, Mars and Saturn in eighth dwelling.
2.    If Mars in 6th/twelfth and Saturn in eighth dwelling.

·      Death by assassination:

1.    Naural malefic in eighth dwelling troubled badly with Mars both by affiliation or by conjunction.
2.    Moon and Mars both factors eighth dwelling or positioned in it.

·      If Saturn in ascendant with no benefice factors and the Sunshine/Rahu/Waning Moon blend the indigenous is both stabbed or shot dead.
·      If the Sunshine and Mars exchanges indicators and quadrant to the eighth lord the indigenous may well be sentenced to dying by the Government.
·      Rahu in 6th/eighth/twelfth may well lead to dying as a result of conspiracy.
·      If the 9th dwelling is occupied with malefic, dying is unpleasant thanks to ailment, accident, murder or suicide.
·      If the ascendant and eighth lords are weak and Mars is in conjunction with 6th lord, the indigenous may well be killed in war.