Tiger Woods Astrology Examination

Tiger Woods born December 30, 1975 at 10:50 PM (AA Ranking) in Lengthy Beach front California is an American Skilled Golfer whose achievements to date rank him amid the most profitable golfers of all time. At present the World’s selection 1, he was the best-paid out experienced athlete in 2008, owning acquired an estimated $one hundred ten million from winnings and endorsements. Applying the time offered on the net Tiger Woods is a Virgo ascendant in Vedic Astrology chart with ascendant at degrees and fifty nine minutes. The ascendant lord Mercury is in twelfth (Reduction) lord Sun’s constellation, and solar is in 4th dwelling. This chart does not indicate superstar standing. Numerous Vedic & Western Astrologers go on to make predictions for Tiger Woods employing this incorrect chart, and incorrect birth time. Applying the earlier vital gatherings in Tiger Wood’s existence, the birth time of Tiger Woods is corrected to 10:25:25 PM. So the accurate birth time is 10:25:25 PM and the accurate Ascendant is Leo at 25 degrees 47 minutes employing KP Ayanamsa. This can make Sunlight as his ascendant lord.

The ascendant lord Sunlight is in 4th dwelling in the constellation of 3rd (Contract Adverts) &10th (Profession & Place) dwelling lord Venus, and Venus is in the 3rd dwelling. This can make the Ascendant lord incredibly solid, and signifies a incredibly higher level of results and superstar standing. Mercury is the very best world in Tiger Wood’s Chart as Mercury principles 2nd dwelling of income, 11th dwelling gains, and is located in 5th dwelling of amusement, athletics, superstar standing, like affairs, romance and so on, and Mercury is in the constellation of Ascendant lord Sunlight. So Mercury in a single stroke connects the Ascendant (self), 2nd dwelling of income, 11th dwelling of gains, and 5th dwelling of athletics, amusement, like affairs, romance. Venus principles 3rd dwelling of Contracts & 10th dwelling of career, and standing in existence is in the constellation of 6th (decline to rivals) and 7th (marriage, business) dwelling lord Saturn and Saturn is in the 11th dwelling of gains. Also Saturn is in its possess constellation, incredibly impressive. Jupiter the ruler of 5th dwelling of athletics and Leisure, and eighth dwelling (sudden prosperity) is also in the constellation of 2nd (income) and 11th (gains) lord Mercury once again in 5th (Sports) dwelling.

As we have witnessed results, title and fame for Tiger Woods arrived for the duration of Venus Mahadasha Jupiter Bhukti (Oct 1994 to June 1997), Venus Mahadasha Saturn Bhukti (June 1997 to August 2000), and Venus Mahadasha Mercury Bhukti (August 2000 to June 2003). For the duration of these intervals Tiger received Master’s in April 1997, Contracts, agreements 1997 Ad contracts worth $60 million over 5 decades, Sports illustrated’s “Sportsman of the Year” in Dec 1996, PGA Championship Prize 1999, US Open up Prize 2000, British Open up July 2000, 2nd consecutive PGA Championship August 2000, Fourth major championship in a row April 2001, Won 3rd Masters April 2002, started major relationship 25 November 2003 (became engaged to Elin Nordegren).

Tiger Woods chart is not very good for pleasure in marriage as he is Leo Ascendant. The 7th dwelling of Marriage lord Saturn principles 6th dwelling of separation as effectively at identical time, and Saturn is in 11th dwelling of gains and friendships in his possess Nakshatra. This can make Saturn a incredibly solid significator of 7th dwelling (Marriage) and 6th dwelling (Separation).

At existing Tiger Woods is in Sunlight Mahadasha Venus Bhukti from August 2009 to August 2010. Tiger has Venus and Moon in Scorpio, Venus at 5 degrees 05 minutes, and Moon at 28 degrees 43 minutes. Transit Saturn is in Virgo and aspects both natal Venus and natal Moon at identical time. Transit Sunlight the ascendant lord for Tiger and transit Venus the ruler of 10th dwelling of career, and placement in existence arrived into Scorpio and received 3rd factor from transit Saturn in Virgo, and moon on Nov twenty seventh arrived into Saturn’s constellation when the Tiger Woods’ evening time motor vehicle crash took place which still left him bleeding on the street exterior his home, have led only to far more queries, not responses. The time period until the conclusion of 2010 is not very good for Tiger’s career as transit Saturn from Virgo will be aspecting the natal Venus, the lord of 10th dwelling of career. His marriage will conclusion by Oct 2011 when transit Saturn will factor his natal moon, and Tiger will be in moon’s mahadasha at that time, a solid significator of twelfth dwelling of separation. The time period from June 2011 to January 2012 will be incredibly delicate time period for Tiger as he will be in Moon Mahadasha and Mars Bhukti. The Badhaka World for Tiger is Mars, the ruler of 4th and 9th dwelling, and Mars is in its possess nakshatra, is the most evil world in his chart. I see some vital gatherings linked to his house, as Mars the Badhaka world principles the 4th dwelling as effectively which represents immovable belongings.

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