The Kifwebe Masks of the Songye People of Africa

The Songye tribe is situated in the southeastern area of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The record of the Songye tribe is carefully linked and intertwined with the neighboring Luba tribe, whom the Songye are linked to by means of frequent ancestors. For the Songye, the mask was and nevertheless is an integral section of their society utilised in spiritual, social and magical rituals. Each and every mask has a story to tell and performs a significant section in African custom.

The Songye society utilised their masks to ward off catastrophe or any menace. It was also worn at ceremonies honoring a dead chief, at the set up of a new chief, at the welcoming of important people to the village, at the initiation rites of youthful adult males and a whole range of other important activities.

The most perfectly recognized and extremely sought soon after mask of the Songye tribe is recognized as the “Kifwebe” mask. These masks are commonly linked with summary styles as perfectly as attractive textured strains and linear scarifications. The strains are commonly painted with alternating black and white stripes, which give an just about hallucinating impact. Kifwebe masks can be male or feminine, with crested comb structures pinpointing male masks, the better the crest, the much more strong the mask as perfectly as the higher the non secular electricity of the dancer.

Male and feminine masks are danced collectively, with each individual dancer encouraging the preferred qualities of the sexes. The male dancers, adorned with their high-crested Kifwebe and bodies concealed by straw, exhibit aggressive and commonly uncontrolled habits to enable really encourage social conformity. Their masks commonly have wider stripes than the females, as perfectly as bolder shades. The dancers wearing feminine masks complete much more carefully and even seductively, in a exhibit connected to fertility. The Feminine Kifwebe masks are commonly a lot less aggressive, a lot less colorful and commonly portray much more of a spherical or oval theme. Feminine masks effectively reflect positive forces and surface principally in dances held at night time, these as in the course of lunar ceremonies or at the loss of life of a ruler.

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