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Must Remember Facts During Hardwood Floor Installation Although you have lots of options such as the engineered, laminate and hardwood flooring, you still need to know the basic facts to consider during the hardwood floor installation. The most desirable type of flooring for any homes is the hardwood flooring.
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Once you decide to have hardwood flooring, make sure that there is a sub-floor placed first on which the hardwood floor is to be placed. There are various reasons why sub-floor exists and that includes allowing the hardwood flooring to be placed on top of hard floors like concrete slabs and also to your pre-existing floors and also to help you protect it against moisture.
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If there is an area in your home that has a lot of moisture, you really need to avoid installing hardwood floors there and just use other flooring alternatives. If the moisture level is really not that high, wood floors can still be used but it is recommended to have the engineered floor instead of using a solid floor.b Engineered floors can still manage low moisture level and will not be damaged at all. If you are going to install hardwood flooring in bathrooms or kitchens, this will not be a good idea because these areas are prone to spills and not even the engineered floorings can tolerate it. Since you will be dealing with wet floors all the time for these areas, you must make sure that the wood floor you use can tolerate. The best option to use for these areas is the laminate hardwood flooring. Though this flooring is not really a typical wooden floor, its appearance and durability will still pay the price. If you want to do the installation on your own, you must be well prepared for it. Being detailed in work even after the floor has been put down is very important to consider. To begin with, make sure that you know how to lose the rough spots from the wood filler and cover the nails to have a smooth entire floor and this will only happen if you can sand down the floor. Afterwards, you will be possibly staining the floor and of course finish it, too. Though it may be very tedious, this will allow the floor to be unused for a period of time. You need to ensure that nobody will mess around that area until it dries thoroughly. Although you have an option to install the hardwood flooring on your own, it is still best and recommended that you hire a professional installer to do it for you. Only a professional installer can guarantee you a very good output and this will also secure a warranty from them in case you will have instances of your floor being damaged.