Positive aspects of Stainless Steel Foodstuff Storage Containers for Litterless Lunches

Very good routines type early in lifetime, and as an environmentally informed father or mother, you are most likely generally wanting for means to educate your small children about the require to “decrease, reuse and recycle”. One particular of the least difficult means to complete this is to prepare for litterless lunches and snacks that develop no garbage other than, say, an apple main that can be brought again house and composted. Foodstuff containers are also brought again house, washed, and reused for the up coming working day, developing no litter for your university or office.

While your to start with assumed may be to flip to your stash of plastic containers handed down from your mother’s kitchen to yours, assume once more. Plastic containers may get the job done effectively to swap the litter designed by plastic wrap and sandwich baggage, but stainless steel is a a lot much better and additional eco-welcoming substitute with many significant pros more than plastic or even glass, primarily when it will come to foodstuff storage and foodstuff protection.

  • Plastics can leach harmful chemicals into your foodstuff. Stainless steel is safe, non-toxic and non-reactive to even acidic foods (this sort of as tomatoes). The protection and overall health of your loved ones may be the most significant motive you change to stainless steel foodstuff storage.
  • Stainless steel is, effectively, stainless. Your plastic containers will discolour and stain with use. While steel can scratch, it will generally glimpse cleanse if it is effectively cleaned.
  • Steel does not crack. Potentially your stainless steel container may dent if dropped on a really hard surface, but it will not shatter or chip the way glass can, or crack the way plastic may well.
  • Steel is a quite hygienic substance. Steel is not a hospitable setting for harbouring or encouraging the growth of microorganisms. It will also not transfer odours, which is a frequent complaint about plastic containers.
  • Stainless steel foodstuff containers can be airtight and leak-evidence. Utilizing locking clips and silicone seals equivalent to those people discovered in plastic or glass containers, some stainless steel containers are also airtight and leak-evidence, great for transporting yogurt, salsa or dip.
  • Steel is strong and lengthy-lasting. While steel containers can price tag two or three times additional than similar plastic ones, given how stain-resistant, hygienic and unbreakable they are, they will effortlessly outlast your plastic containers proving that the initial financial investment was effectively value the cash. And as an included bonus, you know they will be safe to move down to your small children!
  • Steel is highly recyclable. Steel is a quite sustainable substance and the products you obtain will most very likely have at minimum seventy five% recycled scrap steel written content. And if you make a decision for some motive that you do not want the product anymore, it can be endlessly recycled. In contrast, most plastic foodstuff storage containers are not acknowledged into municipal recycling systems.

So start out replacing your previous plastic containers with stainless steel foodstuff storage containers. You will really feel much better about helping to protect the overall health of our world if you are also helping to protect the overall health of your loved ones.