Debilitation of Lord of Ascendant

The Ascendant is the initially house of the horoscope and the rest of the homes are reckoned from it. It suggests the typical physical appearance, character and temperament of the native. The lord / house of ascendant suggests the native&#39s vitality, vigour and disposition, his pure tendencies and temperament are judged from this house.

The planets are in the state of weak spot if occupying a individual sign and fails to safeguard / endorse the particular characterises governed by them, are reported to be in the state of debilitation.

Lord of ascendant performs a pretty critical position in assessing one&#39s physical, mental and emotional capabilities, for this reason in debilitated state they are not able of producing outcomes expected by them.

The outcomes of debilitation of lord of ascendant for various ascendant indicators are shown down below:


  • Mars becoming lord of ascendant and 8th house, posited in 4th house, in the sign of debilitation.
  • Suggests rash and aggressive, attitude. The native will lose mood quickly, suggests lack of toughness and braveness.
  • Due to their impulsive character they start out any function in flash and end in a crash.
  • The native will susceptible to repeated accidents and incidents notably to head. Surgical procedures is highly recommended in lots of circumstances. Fear of drowning, and threat of biting from poisonous creatures.
  • The native is liable to endure from problems, upper body soreness, higher blood stress, burns, inflammatory disorders, affliction of the brain, migraine, smaller pox, malaria, thrombosis and so on.
  • Distinctions with mom are indicated, reduction of immovable qualities, selling of conveyance and suffering for the standard transport, termination or suspension of task, reduction of litigation and reduction of mass-assist.
  • This position of Mars is favourable for career / provider as it areas the tenth house, its house of exaltation.


  • The Venus becoming lord of ascendant and 6th house, positioned in 5th house in the state of debilitation.
  • The native will gain cash by unscrupulous signifies, have excess marital affairs, may perhaps encounter imprisonment for his sexual advantages, reduction in speculation, and separation from youngsters, and have company of malefic people.
  • Repeated suffering from tonsils, diphtheria, and pyorrhoea, pimples on encounter, and eye trouble, and constipation is indicated. The recovery from any illnesses is typically pretty slow.
  • This position of Venus is favourable for profits, as it areas the 11th house, the house of its exaltation.


  • Mercury becoming lord of ascendant and 4th positioned in tenth house in its debilitated sign.
  • The native will be a conceited, cleaver, cunning, showy human being, lair and misbehaviour.
  • The native will utter falsehood or cheat other individuals for his positive aspects and with constant mood- swings they will make mistakes because of to their haste steps and fickle intellect.
  • The native will encounter lots of obstacles in his experienced existence and lacks the art of mastering any subject matter. They may perhaps encounter hurdles from government.
  • Open up variance from father is indicated, the native may perhaps encounter scandal and unwell-status in his experienced existence because of to his malefic speech. He is liable for his have downfall.
  • The native may perhaps endure from lungs an infection, eosinophilia, TB, pulmonary disorders, cold, and may perhaps have defective anxious system.
  • This placement of Mercury is beneficial for acquiring immovable belongings, simply because Mercury areas the 4th house the sign of its exaltation.

Most cancers:

  • Moon as debilitated lord of ascendant, is becoming positioned in 5th house.
  • Lack of endurance and stamina, in excess of sensitivity and indolence is indicated. The native may perhaps have fickle intellect and egocentric attitude.
  • Distinctions with youngsters are indicated. The youngsters may perhaps be ungrateful, disobedient, unfaithful and undutiful.
  • The native may perhaps have weak pulmonary and digestive system, heart troubles, liquor- dependancy, afflictions of lungs, serious cold, asthma, TB, gall stone, anxious debility, worms, panic advanced, compulsive issues, dropsy, flatulence.
  • Occasionally lunacy and reduction of memory is also linked with this state of Moon.
  • It is favourable for profits as Moon areas the 11th house, it&#39s sign of exaltation.


  • Sunshine as the lord of ascendant, positioned in 3rd house, in the state of debilitation.
  • The native may perhaps have advanced character, arrogant, bluff and have lack of braveness. He will be in excess of formidable, self opinionated, jealous and insulting.
  • Lack of more youthful siblings or variance with them is indicated.
  • The native may perhaps endure frequently from troubles of eyes, spine, heart and bones. Palpitation, swelling, sunstroke, giddiness, epilepsy, reduction of speech because of to cerebral an infection, bile-issues and disorders of head are some issues resulted by this particular placement of sunshine.
  • This is a favourable placement of Sunshine for the fortune of the native, as Sunshine areas ninth house, its sign of exaltation.


  • Mercury as the lord of ascendant and tenth, positioned in 7th house in the debilitated sign.
  • Loss in career, business or trade, constant betrayal of existence and business associates, divorce, faux contracts and agreements, litigations, pending dues and so on.
  • The native may perhaps encounter shame, discredit and scandal in experienced existence.
  • This position of Mercury is inimical to longevity of father.
  • It brings unwell-wellness for youngsters or the money owed incurred by them.
  • The native may perhaps endure from digestive and intestinal troubles, weak anxious system and stomach, disturbed mental position.
  • The debilitated Mercury in 7th house areas the ascendant, which is the exaltation sign of the Mercury, suggests amazing system built.


  • Venus as the lord of ascendant and 8th house, positioned in 12th house in the sign of debilitation.
  • They invest lavishly on luxuries and on sexual gratification, so cash may perhaps pass by their palms pretty very easily.
  • The native may perhaps have addictive behavior.
  • The native may perhaps susceptible to infectious disorders, troubles in kidney, joints and spine is indicated, uterus and appendix are influenced.
  • It suggests death in healthcare facility, or hospitalization because of to deadly condition.
  • The native may perhaps indulge in framing key plots, techniques, and conspiracies.
  • It signifies sickness of existence lover. Risk, problems and disappointment to youngsters is indicated.
  • The native may perhaps encounter imprisonment, exile and extradition in his life span.
  • As the Venus areas the 6th house, its sign of exaltation indicating fondness for wonderful food, gain from servants and maternal uncles.


  • Mars as the lord of ascendant and 4th house, positioned in ninth house in its debilitated sign.
  • The native may perhaps encounter lots of obstacles and hindrance in the path of fortune and prosperity.
  • They are careless about their faith and philosophical beliefs
  • The native may perhaps have constant accidents because of to drop, weak heart, acute fevers, and higher blood stress, muscular rheumatism and so on.
  • Intense sickness to father is indicated and enmity from mom is doable.
  • Mars in this position aspecting the 3rd house, the house of its exaltation, suggests company from siblings and courageous attitude.


  • Jupiter as the lord of ascendant and 4th, becoming posited in 2nd house in the sign of its debilitation.
  • The native may perhaps have defective eye-sight, sciatica, rheumatic soreness, fractures, gout, and lung problems.
  • They have to encounter non-company and shame from their relatives and family.
  • Apart from dependancy tendencies, he may perhaps have pretty pungent and rash speech.
  • This position of Jupiter is favourable for longevity of the native


  • Saturn as the lord of ascendant and 2nd house, positioned in 4th house, the house of its debilitation.
  • It demonstrates the impolite character of the native.
  • Separation or disagreement with mom is indicated.
  • Non-company from mass.
  • Loss of inheritance and immovable qualities is indicated.
  • Risk / death / lengthen sickness to father.
  • The native may perhaps have constant cold, soreness in joints and upper body, bone TB, mottled enamel and fluorine intoxication, pores and skin disorders.
  • As Saturn aspecting the tenth house, its sign of exaltation, provides security to one&#39s occupation and career.


  • Saturn as the lord of ascendant and 12th house positioned in 3rd house, the house of its drop.
  • The native do not get like and affection of siblings, because of to their pungent character.
  • It suggests obstacles in education and learning.
  • Injuries and fractures of limbs and palms is indicated, tooth trouble, infectious disorders, varicose vein, spinal troubles and ENT disorders.
  • As the Saturn areas the ninth house, the sign of its exaltation is favourable for father.


  • Jupiter becoming the lord of ascendant and tenth house, positioned in 11th house, in its sign of debilitation.
  • The native may perhaps have egoistic attitude, aside from addictive tendencies and sour speech.
  • The native lacks the pleasure and company from spouse and youngsters.
  • They may perhaps lack elder siblings.
  • The native may perhaps endure from jaundice, affliction to ankle and toes, gap in heart and liver troubles and so on.
  • As the Jupiter is aspecting the 5th house, the house of its exaltation suggests superior education and learning and like from more youthful siblings.