Choosing an Ideal House for Young Couples

A wedding planning is not just preparing for a party to celebrate a special moment. Choosing a house to be occupied after marriage must be prepared carefully. Increasingly expensive property prices make young couples are often made a dull in choosing an ideal dwelling. Utilize cheap housing loan on web perumnas could be a wise idea on buying your house. But first, here are some essentials tips on choosing your first house.

Calculating the shared income

Before you set a budget for buying a property, first calculate your shared earnings. Financial openness is the most important thing, because you and your partner can easily determine how much money to pay each month to pay the mortgage-if the house is purchased with credit methods-without having to disrupt other budget needs.

House or apartment?

The second point to consider is choosing a property form. Are you-and your budget-more suitable to live in a landed house or apartment? The increasingly limited land, especially in big cities, makes the apartment more and more ogled. Today, the apartment is also okay, because of the good security, the complete facilities, including facilities for children, which will be very useful when having children later.


Consider distance of residence location with workplace. Cheap homes but away to the workplace can make the pockets thinned because transport budgets swell. Another option, buy a home with walking distance from the office, but the possibility of the price is much more expensive. Which one will you choose? If choosing a place away from the office, consider the availability of adequate public transport. If you are using a private vehicle, enter the cost of gasoline and parking into the monthly budget slot.

Choose a trusted developer

In buying a home or apartment, the thing to consider is the credibility of the developer. If you choose a landed house, has the developer ever built a landed house before? So that, if you choose an apartment. Find out the developer’s company track record and be alerted if previous developers had tripped the problem.

Understanding needs

In choosing a particular residential apartment for young couples, facilities obtained on the apartment would be an important consideration. Usually the life of a young couple what else lives in the Capital will be more directed to the modern concept with all activities are quite solid. Then choose an apartment that is equipped with furniture.