Cellar Tanking – The Condensation Dilemma and How to Keep away from it Part 2 – What Causes Condensation?

The normal cellar tanking procedure will value numerous thousands of £’s. The major intention is to hold out ground drinking water, but how typically do we imagine about the internal the natural way transpiring atmospheric humidity? We disregard this at our peril cellar tanking and other types of basement waterproofing can interact with humidity and lead to condensation issues… My very last post on cellar tanking and condensation seemed at what condensation is. Condensation happens anywhere the humidity and temperature blend to build ‘dew point’. So we need to have to glance at those specific elements in a tanked cellar or waterproofed basement that lead to temperature and humidity to appear together in this way.


Waterproof coatings or membranes are not generally really thermally efficient so they can get cold. And they are generally applied to the internal area of the exterior walls for the duration of a cellar conversion or basement waterproofing challenge this makes them even colder. If we place insulation in entrance of the water resistant membrane this insulation makes the colder nevertheless (insulation retains heat in the area and thus away from the membrane).

Heating styles

If the basement or cellar is heated on an irregular foundation this can give increase to periods exactly where the temperature is way too reduced to prevent condensation.


Moisture vapour in the air will move in all instructions, so not only is humidity vapour coming into a basement or cellar from the ground exterior, it is also transferring from the internal air room of the cellar or basement to the exterior. An helpful water resistant barrier (tanking procedure), developed to be helpful towards the ingress of ground drinking water will also avert the escape of internal humidity vapour. Rooms underneath ground are frequently far more complicated to ventilate thanks to lack of home windows and doors. Typical living generates humidity vapour, even breathing and perspiring, also cooking, drying clothes, boiling kettles employing a shower or bathroom devoid of enough air extraction all add to internal humidity vapour. This in by itself is not automatically a difficulty. It only will become a difficulty is any component of the cellar or basement as a temperature which is equal to or underneath the dew place temperature and the most possible position for this (cold) dew place temperature is the water resistant barrier by itself. In my individual experienced knowledge I have witnessed numerous instances of in any other case excellent cellar conversion and basement waterproofing jobs ruined thanks to condensation.

In my subsequent post I will be searching at the damage that it can do, not only to the creating material, but also to the health and fitness of the occupants.

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