Bamboo Craft – Aircraft Bamboo Weaving Method

The normal, strong and interesting bamboo not only makes mats, baskets and other handicraft but is also used for large-grade packaging, decorative panels, curtains and window blinds. The bamboo window blinds, in point, not only give a vintage contact to the interior decor of a area but maintain it great as effectively. Bamboo craft is based mostly on its precise weaving procedures. These weaving procedures can be categorized as plane weaving, dimensional weaving and combined weaving. To start out with, a bamboo crafter have to know the plane weaving procedure for bamboo craft.

Aircraft bamboo weaving produces two dimensional or plane items like woven mats or carpets. It is unique from process of building three dimensional items this kind of as baskets, lampshades, collectible figurines and so on. Before weaving, the bamboo culms are processed as follows to make them apt for weaving.

Processing of Bamboo for Weaving

Eco-friendly skin of the bamboo culm is taken out by scraping off its environmentally friendly surface with the support of a blade. Power is utilized evenly together the culm surface to be certain uniformly colored bamboo.

The upper edge of the culm area is flattened to facilitate stripping. A sharp knife is used to reduce evenly all around the edge. The culm area is divided into slivers of an equal width. The selection of slivers depend upon the diameter of the culm. Cutting is completed diligently from the edge downwards together the length of the culm. The slivers are then totally divided to type individual pieces.

Slivers are striped into great layers. The knife is held with the blade horizontally in opposition to the upper 1/three of the cross area sliver. First reduce is built by nipping the blade into the sliver. Then the blade is placed .five to 1 mm away from the 1st layer. Right after repeating the method for a expected selection of occasions, the layers are peeled off. The thickness of the layers depend upon the need of the supposed woven product.

Layers are divided into great strips by using equally the palms. The strips may possibly be lighter or darker in shade from 1 yet another. They are arranged appropriately.

The bamboo strips are then dyed and bleached with the support of numerous components this kind of as dyes, sulfur, hydrogen peroxide or other chemical compounds. Soaking, boiling, washing, air drying and so on. solutions are used for the objective.

Aircraft Weaving of Bamboo

Before shifting on to the method of plane weaving of bamboo, there are two essential terminology that need to be understood by the amateur bamboo weaver. These two conditions are – Warp and Weft. Warp is the set of parallel bamboo stripes furnishing the foundation on which plane weaving is completed. They are positioned lengthwise on the operate bench or operate region. Wefts are the bamboo stripes that are inserted widthwise underneath and more than the warp in get to make a layout.

The essential procedure for plane bamboo weaving is that of weaving dots into pattern. It consists of combining two colors of bamboo- 1 light and other dim- together the warp and weft of the bamboo strips. Shade depth and distinction in the designs are made by transforming the density of the dots woven underneath and more than the warp.

There are a lot of other conventional solutions of bamboo weaving that are also exciting to know.