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Water Treatment Systems – Purchasing Off the Shelf or Custom Systems If you have to make a decision about which water system is best for the facility you have, you need to know that such can be challenging. There are so many companies as well as technologies that you will be able to find in the market. You must make a decision between the off-the-shelf solution and the custom tailored one. Surely, there are so many advantages to both. The off-the-shelf may be a great approach and the custom tailored option can provide great versatility. The off-the-shelf solutions are one-size-fits-most approach to the wastewater treatment system and they have a digestible price tag. Also, they are made to deal with the common treatment requirement with manufacturing facilities. What this means is that if your facility’s water needs are similar to the major facilities, then your needs will likely be met. The great thing about the off-the-shelf solution is that you can basically call and order one. The options and sizes are defined as shopping for the model of the car. Do you want to have the compact or mid-size option? Such approach really sounds easy and fast. It is only on the surface. You must know that the off-the-shelf solutions don’t give you a lot of flexibility. If the facility’s water needs are actually standard but have some exceptions, then you will likely need more than what the solution can provide. Also, while the present discharge permit limits would be attained through that system, what would occur when the effluent limitation guidelines would change? If your plant would expand in the next few years, can it handle the added flow and change to the waste stream? It probably won’t and you should purchase an upgraded size to the model or the extra system that you can utilize with the first one. The facilities would end up with various systems on to another in which they all need unique operating procedures. Such can be a big burden for maintenance and operations.
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The custom tailored solutions are a personalized approach to the wastewater treatment systems. Price tags often differ on what the facility needs. They are made to solve the water problems of the facility through addressing the wastewater situation in a holistic manner. Such would mean that regardless of the water needs of the facility, they can be met. A great advantage of the custom solution is that this provides one system that is made and also built completely according to the unique needs of the facility. Moreover, they offer what you require and nothing less.
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The custom option would mean that this is more expensive. This is actually relative in this manner. What you really want to get is peace of mind that this solution is an actual one and that the money is not wasted. The custom solutions can really provide you with flexibility in volume of the water as well as treatment variants.